Burn-out in The Gym and in Life

Burn-out in The Gym and in Life

Feeling the occasional lack of motivation and enthusiasms to work out is normal. Everyone feels it. Perhaps you’ve had a tough few days at work, some family issues, or you haven’t slept well.


Whatever the case might be, it’s temporary and can always be traced back to a cause.


But mental burn-out (both in the gym and your everyday life) is a different breed of animal. It often comes along gradually but takes hold of us entirely.


We lack all motivation to stick with our routines, and doing anything else – or nothing at all - sounds better.


Here are three common signs that you might be experiencing more than the occasional roadblock.


  1. You’re Procrastinating On Everything


Have you ever felt unable to get started with something, be it work or exercise? Even though you know you need to get going, you feel stuck, unable to get your mind right.


So you distract yourself with entertainment and time-wasting activities, hoping for motivation to strike. But before you know it, hours have passed, and you’re not any closer to your objectives for the day.


  1. You Dread Each Workout


Training is tough and can feel unpleasant, but we all experience some great things while working out - a fun exercise, a strong arm pump, or even happiness and euphoria after we’re done.


But if you’ve been dreading each workout lately and can’t seem to find anything pleasurable about training, you’re probably burned out.


  1. You’re Irritable For No Good Reason


We all feel on edge sometimes, so a single day isn’t enough for us to conclude. 


But if you’ve felt irritable for days, even weeks, with no apparent reason, you could be facing too much stress and mental burn-out.


The Solution To All of This?


Take a step back. Take a few days off work. Change your scenery a bit. Go for a relaxing walk rather than an intense workout. Make sleep a priority.


It might not sound pleasant, but sometimes, taking a step back to recharge your batteries is vital for getting back on a productive path in life.


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